Business Essentials (11th Edition)

Ronald J. Ebert & Ricky W. Grifn
Pub Date: 30 Mar 2016 696 pages
ISBN-10: 9781292152240
Paperback 21.7 cm W | 27.3 cm H | 2.2 cm T

Summary: For introduction to business courses.

The recent events in domestic and global economies are presenting unprecedented challenges, excitement, and disappointments for business—and a need for a change in Introduction to Business courses and texts. Business Essentials captures the widespread signifcance of these developments
and presents their implications on businesses today. The Eleventh Edition includes new real-world examples and research fndings, helping students to see how entrepreneurs are putting into practice the concepts that they are learning, and making this text the most current and relevant one available on the market today.

MyLab Intro to Business not included. Contact your Pearson representative for more information.